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RAJIĆ Law Office

RAJIĆ Law Office was established in 2014 with the idea to provide unique scope of legal services in the fields of Real Estate and Construction, Energy and Environmental Law. The firm’s main characteristic is specialization in the selected fields and the practice relies on the concept of a boutique law firm, combining the services of legal consulting with representation before competent authorities, courts and arbitrations.

Our approach consists of providing our clients with a complete legal service and to having a close insight in all relevant aspects of their business transactions. We provide them a day-to-day support in almost every aspect of their operations. We appreciate being closely involved and assisting them in the legal aspect of these operations. Apart from our core practices, the firm has wide experience in assisting the clients in the field of general corporate and business law.


European Commission Announced 2017 Report on Application of EU Law within the Member States

July 2018

On 12 July 2018 European Commission (the “Commission”) has announced Annual Report on monitoring the application of EU law (the „Report“) in EU member states.


Preparation of the Report is a long lasting tradition since the 1984 and a period of EEC. The Report is made each year and contains information for the preceding year. It is made based on the request of the European Parliament, which eventually adopts a resolution on the Report, once the Commission prepares it and determine its content. Continue Reading

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