BiH Failed to Comply With the Environmental Impact Assessment Directive According to Energy Community

March 2018

On 16 March 2018, the Energy Community Secretariat (“EC”) sent a Reasoned Opinion to Bosnia and Herzegovina for its failure to comply with the provisions of the Directive 2011/92/EU on the assessment of the effects of certain public and private projects on the environment (“EIA Directive”). EC claims that the environmental impact assessment procedure for the  thermal power plant Ugljevik 3 in the Republika Srpska (part of BiH) is not complied with the relevant European acquis. Moreover, EC states that the permitting procedure failed to entirely map direct and indirect impacts of the projects, as well as its potential cross border impacts, as prescribed under the EIA Directive.


Amendments of the Law on Waste Management in Republic of Srpska (BiH) Adopted in Urgent Procedure

February 2018

Earlier this month, Parliament of the Republic of Srpska has adopted amendments to the existing Law on Waste Management (the “Law”), originally adopted in 2013. The amendments were adopted in urgent procedure, triggering queries from the interested public and civil organizations, questioning reasons for shortening entire procedure of the adoption of Law.


BIG License for BIG Projects

January 2018

The Serbian Law on Planning and Construction (“LPC”) foresees a list of premises which are subject to the issuance of a construction permit by the Ministry of Construction, Traffic and Infrastructure (the “Ministry”) (or, as the case may be, by the competent authority of the Autonomy Province of Vojvodina). This pertains to complex, mostly infrastructural premises and projects, including: facilities for oil and gas processing, nuclear facilities, thermal power plants with min. 10 MW capacity, water supply and sewerage facilities, waste treatment facilities, stadiums, etc.


Annual implementation report of the Energy Community announced

November 2017

The Energy Community (“EC”) has recently publicized their Annual Implementation Report (the “Report”) which evaluates performance of the contracting parties in transposition and implementation of the Energy Community acquis into domestic legislation. EC extends the European Union internal energy market to the neighboring (member) countries, with the principle goal to create a regulatory and market framework which is capable of attracting investments for a stable and continuous energy supply and to provide compliance with the EU regulatory framework in this area of law.


Do amendments of the Law on Agricultural Land actually limiting foreigners in the purchase?

September 2017

On 1 September 2017 recently adopted amendments of the Serbian Law on Agricultural Land (the „Law“) have entered into force. The intention of the proposers was to mitigate the effects of the Stabilization and Association Agreement, more precisely, its provisions which equalize the rights of EU citizens to purchase agricultural land with the rights of the Serbian citizens. But, was it actually accomplished with these latest amendments?